About Me

This is me on my wedding day in September 2007!
As you can see, I’m still a newlywed!  I’m thoroughly enjoying it too!  Married life, that is! 
March through November, I work at a local golf course as part of the grounds crew.  This will be my eighth season there!  I really enjoy my job.  After all, I get to drive big expensive lawnmowers, play in the dirt (gardening), and work outside all day! 
During the winter season, you will find me cozied up inside my small home cooking or possibly cleaning.  Both of which I actually really enjoy!  I’m a homemaker at heart.
Last but not least, the reason you’re here (my blog) is because of my passion for stamping!  I especially like making cards and have recently gotten back into the swing of things thanks to Splitcoast!  So now, go on, have a peek!

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  1. Kristine said,

    I have just started to get into scrapbooking last year, and I like it so much I’ve decided to make this years christmas cards! I came across your website in my searches and I think what you do is beautiful. Thanks for putting your work out here for others to see and be inspired by!

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