February 26, 2008

High Time

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:52 am by happygiggles

I thought it was high time I created a blog solely devoted to my card creations!  Yay!  My Mom and I have been purchasing stamping ingredients for quite some time now.  My passion started early on in life when my best girlfriend and I were about 8 years old.  We (I) decided we should go into business selling our creations.  Everyday we would open up shop in our cramped stifling hot playhouse.  I must admit I’ve come a long way since those days!  I now use card stock instead of computer paper and stamps instead of markers with clear embossing powder!  

Here’s a bit of who I am:

  • I am recently married to the love of my life!  (September 8, 2007) 
  • I will be celebrating my 26th birthday early in April.   
  • We have no children yet
  • I try to make God first in my life (a daily challenge!)
  • I love to make cards! 


Here is our wedding invitation.  The cream ribbon isn’t supposed to be crooked, honest.  All handmade by me, my Mom, and my best girls!

So please, won’t you come back and visit? I’ll try to update often!


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